American flag with Memorial Day words
Everyone knows that holiday weekends can be tough on your fitness and nutrition routines. With all those BBQs and backyard get-togethers or maybe you’re going on a special trip for the long weekend, your healthy habit routines may be challenged. 
For most, Memorial Day marks the start of summer and with it the season of barbecues, picnics and festive gatherings with friends and family. If this brings chips and dip, burgers and hot dogs, and ice-cold beer to mind, then you may be worried about the toll it could take on your body and dress size by summer’s end. And you won’t be alone. 
Here are some simple tips that can keep you on track for a healthy Memorial Day weekend:

 Memorial Day Weekend Health Tips

  • 1.  Don’t arrive to the BBQ hungry
  • By eating a healthy meal or snack beforehand can help with portion control and making smarter decisions. 

  • 2. Get creative about keeping active
  • Chances are you’re going to be hanging outside so going for walks, playing some recreational sports or even games in the pool can boost your activity. 

  • 3. Stay hydrated
  • From being outside to all the activities you’ll be participating in, it’s easy to get dehydrated. Especially if you’re indulging in those summertime mixed drinks, they dehydrate you even faster. So, make sure you have a bottle handy wherever you are.

  • 4. Come prepared
  • Some get-togethers are potluck style, which means you can’t control what is going to be there, but you can control what you bring. Prepare a healthy meal or snack that you can help with providing something healthy to the table. 

  • 5. Aim for good, not perfect
  • Perfection is the enemy of good. Remember there’s always another meal, another day, another week to start fresh. 

Enjoy this holiday weekend by having a fun and healthy Memorial Day. You’ve earned it! 
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