woman holding scale and a sad face mask
Weight loss is never linear. You are going to have great days and not so great days but it’s all part of the process. There are times when we think we are doing everything right but yet the scale is against us. In reality, there could be something else going on that you haven’t addressed that could be holding you back from losing that excess weight.  
Let’s check out some other ideas as to why you’re not losing weight. 
  • 1. Your sex hormones are off. As a male, lack of testosterone levels can be a link to weight gain as well as to why weight loss isn’t happening. When levels are low, muscle declines which then slows down metabolism. For women, too much estrogen and low levels of progesterone can make it difficult to lose weight, cause bloating and even effect gut health. 
  • 2. Other hormones. Hormones like thyroid and growth hormone should be checked if experiencing no weight loss as these have been linked to weight gain if levels are not stable.  
  • 3. Gut Health. Poor gut health is link to many issues like leaky gut, IBS and more. Having poor gut health makes digestion hard which can lead to poor nourishment. It’s important to take care of our gut as that is one of the foundations to a healthy lifestyle. 
  • 4. Stress Levels. High levels of stress are linked to many health issues like high blood pressure, mental health impact, skin condition and more. Having controlled levels of stress is recommended.
If you find that you are not seeing results based on all the good things you’ve been doing, I recommend seeing your Physician to get a deeper dive into your body and see if there is a deficiency somewhere. At the end of the day, everyone is very unique, so it doesn’t hurt to explore those options more thoroughly. 
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