Interactive Classes

Join Kiki along with and other participants in a 1-2 hour Zoom session. Ask questions and get help along the way, as you follow along with nutritionist Kiki.

Step-by-step plans

We’ve taken the hard work out of cooking, with a simple step-by-step plan to get your kitchen ready days and hours before class.
After registering, you’ll receive an organized list of ingredients to buy, kitchen tools to set up, and a checklist of steps to prepare any ingredients before class starts. We’ve done the homework for you, just follow the plan.

Nutritious & Delicious Recipes

Our classes are designed around nutrition from the start. Each class features a complete meal with balanced recipes and healthy cooking techniques.

With each class, you’ll learn how to make restaurant quality meals that fit into a healthy lifestyle without compromising flavor.

Repeat & Impress

Wow your friends and family with tasty home cooked meals that are easy to make and good for them.

Keep this meal plan, shopping lists, recipes, and video instructions so you can remake this complete meal again. Or mix and match recipes from other classes to make something new. Learning a new recipe or technique is just the beginning.

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