Wellness Evaluation

Many of us have tried various diet strategies in hopes of achieving a healthy goal weight. Unfortunately, most attempts fail to achieve lasting change, due to improper mindset, habits forming alongside, and unexpected surprises.

While we cannot predict tomorrow’s surprises, we can learn to control of how we respond to certain situations. Understanding where you’re struggling is the first step in finding lasting solutions.

Your Diet Downfalls

Discover the hidden reasons and mindset that are holding you back from achieving your nutrition goals.

Guided Self Assessment

This guided online assessment is designed to measure your nutrition habits toward core food groups.

Compare Your Environments

Compare your nutrition habits across your various environments: at home, work, with friends, and by yourself.

Food Preparation habits

I'll help you monitor your progress, and make adjustments to the plan, to help you sustain your momentum.

Chart Your Improvement

Compare your diet downfall results over time to measure your improvements, and focus on your opportunities.