Healthy Breakfast Habits

A nutritious breakfast helps reduce cravings and aids digestion, which are equally important for maintaining a healthy weight. Breakfast also provides essential vitamins and nutrients to keep you energized and focused throughout your day. Here are some tips for implementing healthy breakfast habits to power you through the start of your day:

  • Plan breakfast in advance. If you know you’re going to be rushing in the morning, prep in advance. Have your Fueling ready to go or simply take a mental note of what you will eat in the morning.

  • Eat within an hour after getting up. Have your first meal within one hour after waking up to keep blood sugar levels stable throughout the day and boost your metabolism. The longer you wait to eat, the hungrier you may become.

  • Have healthy food. If you choose, switch up your routine and your day by preparing a healthy dinner meal for breakfast! A hearty omelet or frittata for the entire family to enjoy is also a great option.

  • Enjoy your breakfast. Make an effort to sit down and enjoy your breakfast, versus eating on the run. Focus on intentionally chewing your food to slow yourself down, and help aid digestion.




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