Recognize your satification cues!

Updated: Feb 7

Food is meant to be enjoyed, but sometimes the craving for a specific taste or the delicious flavor of a favorite food can cause you to eat too much, even though you aren’t necessarily hungry. Often, especially when we are consuming sweet foods, the first few bites are the most satisfying. Then, the desire for and satisfaction from that particular food typically begins to wane. Recognizing how your desire for sweets changes after the first few bites can help you create a better understanding of food cravings and how to control how much you eat while still getting to enjoy favorite foods. For this challenge, pick a favorite food, whether it be a piece of chocolate cake or potato chips. It’s best not to be hungry for this challenge, so the best time to complete this is between meals.  Without any distractions, such as your laptop or TV, sit down and ask yourself the following questions as you eat:

  1. Did the taste of the food change after the first bite? 

  2. Were you satisfied after the first few bites of food, or did you desire more?

  3. Did your enjoy the first bite more than the second, or third?

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